The City of Sacramento Signs Pilot Program with GreenTraks

Greentraks to Provide Energy Management Services for the City of Sacramento to Assess Energy and GHG Emissions for High Profile City Projects

GreenTraks is pleased to announce it will provide energy-management services for the City of Sacramento’s fleet of vehicles, and report project performance of three energy-efficiency projects. GreenTraks will provide these services for the City in a pilot program that establishes the basis of regular internal reporting of the City’s total energy and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). GreenTraks will also introduce a project-portfolio methodology to showcase City energy-efficiency projects under its Climate Action Partners Program initiative for cities.

As part of the pilot program, GreenTraks will report on three key projects:  The Renewable Natural Gas Project for Sacramento Refuse Vehicles, the Downtown Plaza West Garage Lighting Project, and the Memorial Garage Lighting project.

Specifically, GreenTraks will perform the following services for the City of Sacramento:

  • Establish a process for managing comprehensive GHG metrics within the City’s existing reporting system
  • Collect and analyze fuel and fleet data for integration and analysis within GreenTraks Energy Manager™ and the City’s reporting system. Individual fleets will generate a GreenTraks RAMP™ rating (recorded average miles per pound of CO2e) for comparison of fleets and with other city’s mixed-use fleets
  • Perform data collection for each City energy-efficiency project and import into the GreenTraks Energy Manager™
  • Provide the City with a license subscription and training on the GreenTraks Energy Manager™
  • Perform comparative analysis and benchmarking, and provide the City with a summary report of each project, including financial and environmental performance metrics such as return on investment, payback period, and change in GHG
  • Create website content to showcase performance results of the City’s energy-efficiency projects

According to Ryan Rogers, GreenTraks CEO, “We are very pleased to be providing GreenTraks services for one of the top government fleets and sustainable cities in the country, and believe our services are well suited to meet the customized and long term needs of the City.” Ryan added, “GreenTraks helps cities uncover opportunities and eliminate risks by providing critical consumption data to prioritize project and purchase decisions based on their most cost-effective and energy-efficient options. Our solutions empower cities to take the next step toward sustainability, while creating a process for continual improvement.”

According to Keith Leech, Fleet Manager for the City of Sacramento, “We selected GreenTraks because of their expertise in fuel and greenhouse gas emissions tracking, and its robust cloud-based energy solution that will enable the City of Sacramento track and verify our energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and return on investment for energy-efficiency projects to help us meet our goals. In addition to providing comprehensive and periodic greenhouse gas tracking, analysis of fleets and mixed-fleet vehicles, and portfolio reporting of energy projects, the next phase with GreenTraks includes outreach and community engagement.”

GreenTraks prides itself on being a value leader in energy management. Ryan added, “We are uniquely positioned to help the City of Sacramento affect change within the communities it serves. By using the GreenTraks Energy Manager™, the City can share project performance results and benefits including reduction in energy consumption, return on investment, and a reduction in carbon emissions.” GreenTraks provides energy-efficiency programs and tracking services to other cities, including the City of Benicia, the City of Palo Alto, the City of Yuba City, and the City of Pittsburg.

About GreenTraks, Inc.

Based in California, privately-held GreenTraks emerged from a fuel and petroleum distribution company tracking energy usage of commercial fleets and bulk fuel. GreenTraks cloud-based energy-efficiency management and reporting suite of subscription-based services includes Energy Tracking, Sustainability Marketing and Advanced Reporting which can be used to track any type of energy source including electricity, natural gas, water, waste or other customer specific commodities. Through a trusted network of strategic partners, industry vendors and suppliers, GreenTraks guides organizations toward saving money, and growing their business through positive behavior change, promotion of sustainability accomplishments and a commitment toward environmental stewardship. Visit for more information.