GreenTraks Selected by the City of Benicia as the Exclusive Provider of Energy Tracking Services

GreenTraks Provides Energy Tracking and Resource Monitoring Services to Businesses in Benicia's Industrial Park of 450 Businesses

GreenTraks is pleased to announce that the City of Benicia has selected GreenTraks as its exclusive provider of energy tracking and resource monitoring services to businesses in its industrial park of 450 businesses. This agreement is a significant milestone in GreenTraks efforts to support cities and local businesses in their economic development, sustainability, and energy-reduction action plan initiatives.

The City of Benicia set a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 to 10 percent below 2000 levels, and because the Benicia Industrial Park contributes disproportionately to overall emissions, the city implemented the Business Resources Incentive Program (BRIP). After implementing energy, water, fleet and/or solid waste efficiency projects, the third key component of the BRIP is providing the Industrial Park businesses with cloud-based energy-efficiency tracking and reporting through GreenTraks. Using GreenTraks, industrial park businesses can monitor the financial and greenhouse gas reduction impact of their projects, and their utilization of resources.

The City of Benicia has already received an Excellence in Economic Development Award from the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) for their Business Resource Incentive Program. Mario Giuliani, the City of Benicia Economic Development Manager says "GreenTraks is a critical component of the program, allowing businesses to manage their efficiency and cost savings. Four businesses have already signed-on, having recognized the value of being able to assess the factors contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and to identify the best processes and projects needed to improve efficiency and save on their costs." This April, the City of Benicia also received a 2013 California Association for Local Economic Development (CALED) - Economic Development Program Award of Merit.

According to Kevin Cochran, GreenTraks COO, "We are excited to have partnered with the City of Benicia who was the first city in Solano County to address climate change through a comprehensive planning process. As the exclusive provider of energy management solutions, GreenTraks is well positioned to support the city's program by enabling the Industrial Park businesses to understand their energy consumption, to manage ongoing efficiency improvements, and to ultimately reduce greenhouse gas emissions and associated energy costs." Kevin added, "GreenTraks specializes in energy-reduction reporting which is a vital component for successfully identifying resource reductions as well as communicating overall sustainability initiatives and accomplishments."

About GreenTraks, Inc.
Based in California, privately-held GreenTraks emerged from a fuel and petroleum distribution company, tracking the energy usage of commercial fleets and bulk fuel. GreenTraks cloud-based energy-efficiency management and reporting suite of subscription-based services includes Energy Tracking, Sustainability Marketing and Advanced Reporting which can be used to track any type of energy source including electricity, natural gas, water, waste or other customer specific commodities. Through a trusted network of strategic partners, industry vendors and suppliers, GreenTraks guides organizations toward saving money, and growing their business through positive behavior change, promotion of sustainability accomplishments and a commitment toward environmental stewardship. Visit for more information.

About City of Benicia
The City of Benicia is a full service municipal government, serving over 28,000 residents, governed by a City Council that has made business success and sustainability dual priorities. Under the guidance of their City Manager Brad Kiger, the City of Benicia has increased its focus on economic development and meeting the needs of Benicia businesses, including the 450 businesses located in the Benicia Industrial Park. Staff efforts are supported by the work of the citizens and business owners who make up the Economic Development Board. The City of Benicia believes that providing speed and certainty in the permit process makes business more profitable and creates a business friendly environment.