GreenTraks Releases New Features Powered By EnergyCAP Online 3.2

Introducing New Features in the GreenTraks Energy Manager Including Enhanced Graphs and Charts, Submetering Services, Back-Office Audit Tools, and Customized Reporting Capabilities

GreenTraks is pleased to announce that the GreenTraks Energy Manager™ now includes new features powered by award-winning EnergyCAP® 3.2. With this release, GreenTraks provides enhanced features, offers new optional services, performs customized audit logic, and can develop custom reporting and customized presentation of customer information.

According to Kevin Cochran, GreenTraks COO, "GreenTraks is proud to be a licensed EnergyCAP® service provider. As an industry leader in energy benchmarking software, the EnergyCAP® 3.2 release allows us to continue to deliver the most advanced features in energy-efficiency tracking and reporting to our customers. Highlights of the new GreenTraks Energy Manager features include:

• Graphs and Charts: A new Target Line Comparison is a validation feature providing the ability to display target lines on select use, cost, and greenhouse gas (GHG) charts for buildings and meters allowing flexibility of measuring current performance against a future target amount.

• Submetering: Chargeback Submeter Distribution, Meter Reading Routes, Rate Creation, and Channel Management, are all optional services available to customers who purchase the GreenTraks Property Portfolio Reporting or the Project Efficiency Tracking solution. These features allow for creation of bills from monthly submeter readings through Customers & Chargebacks; integration of routes into the submeter chargeback functionality; creation of simple rate structures when creating submeter chargeback bills; and an intelligent setup process for selecting the best settings for various channel types. • Back-office: Custom Audits, performed by GreenTraks on behalf of its customers, provides the ability to specify a stored procedure that will "audit" a bill and execute custom logic.

• GreenTraks Administration: An EnergyCAP® Online API (application program interface) allows GreenTraks the ability to develop custom reporting and customized presentation of information based on individual customers' needs.

GreenTraks continues to enhance its energy-efficiency tracking and reporting solutions for its customers. Kevin added, "It is imperative that we add features that solve common needs of our customers and provide flexibility in how they choose to monitor and report their usage, projects, and costs. We are pleased to deliver both commonly used reporting features and customized solutions for our customers that have specific requirements."

GreenTraks solutions offer comprehensive views of an organization's energy usage, providing the tools to make better business decisions. GreenTraks customers range from organizations that are new to tracking and measuring their energy consumption, to organizations and entities with sophisticated sustainability and energy-efficiency programs.

About GreenTraks, Inc. Based in California, privately-held GreenTraks emerged from a fuel and petroleum distribution company tracking energy usage of commercial fleets and bulk fuel. GreenTraks cloud-based energy-efficiency management and reporting suite of subscription-based services includes Energy Tracking, Sustainability Marketing and Advanced Reporting which can be used to track any type of energy source including electricity, natural gas, water, waste or other customer specific commodities. Through a trusted network of strategic partners, industry vendors and suppliers, GreenTraks guides organizations toward saving money, and growing their business through positive behavior change, promotion of sustainability accomplishments and a commitment toward environmental stewardship. Visit for more information.