GreenTraks Launches AB 1103 Compliance Program for Building Owners

GreenTraks Creates Exclusive Program for Non-Residential Building Owners to Comply with New Energy Disclosure Requirements

GreenTraks announced it has launched a new program specifically designed for business owners to address the Assembly Bill 1103 (AB 1103), mandating energy benchmarking and energy disclosure for non- residential buildings, beginning in January 1, 2014.

AB 1103 requires non-residential business owners to input energy consumption and other building data into the Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager System, generating an energy efficiency rating for the building. GreenTraks specializes in energy management and reporting and already integrates directly with the EPA's system, so it is uniquely qualified to manage the entire AB 1103 process of behalf of the business owner. Every step of the process from data collection to report submission with CEC and other transaction parties is taken care of so the building owner can focus on its core business objectives.

According to Ryan Rogers, GreenTraks Founder and CEO, and designated CCIM, "We understand the challenges associated with meeting compliance requirements, and have designed a cost-effective program specifically for non-residential building owners that removes the time and risks associated with ensuring that every aspect has been met." Ryan added, "An additional advantage to outsourcing to GreenTraks is that we provide the business owner with access to the GreenTraks Energy Managerâ„¢ full-service solution that extends beyond reporting, with features such as project benchmarking, weather normalization, greenhouse gas emissions calculations, and usage and cost analytics."

With GreenTraks, building owners can be in compliance well before the transaction and potentially identify existing energy issues. Using the GreenTraks advanced reporting capability arms the owner with business intelligence to support improving building valuation and promotion of the building's energy performance.
About GreenTraks, Inc.

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