GreenTraks Announces New Climate Action Partners Program

GreenTraks Climate Action Partners Program Brings Public and Private Sector Organizations Together to Focus on Energy Efficiency

GreenTraks announced its new Climate Action Partners Program (CAPP) at the Green California Summit and Exposition conference last month. GreenTraks CEO Ryan Rogers introduced the program while presenting on the "Carbon Reduction Strategies for Local Government and Business" panel. The program is designed to initiate collaboration among public and private organizations that are interested in energy-efficiency projects that save energy and money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but need help getting started. The umbrella program includes four parties: cities, sponsors, vendors, and businesses. All parties are essentially "partners" with the businesses having an additional designation as "Energy-Efficiency Leaders."

Through its existing customer, partner and channel network, GreenTraks has established relationships with cities, businesses, and energy-efficiency project vendors who bring expertise and guidance to remove the barriers businesses traditionally face when evaluating energy-efficiency projects. The Climate Action Partners Program brings resources together along with GreenTraks' expertise in energy management services to expedite and manage the process.

CAPP provides individual and collective benefits to all "partners" in the program. According to Ryan Rogers, GreenTraks CEO, "GreenTraks Climate Action Partners Program takes the work out of deciding what to do and who to use when considering an energy-efficiency project. We facilitate everything from providing third-party verified data, and return-on-investment analysis, to support in the creation of city energy programs that engage local businesses and provide benefits and rewards for participation." The GreenTraks CAPP helps promote and create more business, creates tax revenues, and promotes existing finance and rebate programs as well as supporting city Climate Action Plans. Energy Efficiency Leaders also have the option to have accounts established and data published in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager to receive building ratings and comply with city ordinances and local regulations like California AB 1103.

A unique attribute of CAPP is its flexibility. For example, a city interested in designing a local business program can pick and choose features ranging from facilitating building permitting and compliance to a recognition and rewards program. GreenTraks will help outline options and selection of services that best meet the city's goals whether it is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, cost reduction, or to achieve general energy-efficiency and sustainability objectives.

The Climate Action Partners Program aligns with GreenTraks mission of being a champion for energy-efficiency while leveraging its experience in energy and sustainability programs and projects. According to Kevin Cochran, GreenTraks COO, "We have experience in establishing pilot and full programs encompassing outreach efforts, integration of local utilities, program incentives, grants and funding, and rewards and recognition programs." Kevin added, "We are excited to bring this full-service capability to cities, businesses, vendors and program sponsors. There is significant demand for energy benchmarking and third-party measurement and verification, and with CAPP GreenTraks is well-positioned to deliver best-practice programs that eliminate the guesswork and realize expected energy-efficiency project and program results."

About GreenTraks, Inc.
Based in California, privately-held GreenTraks emerged from a fuel and petroleum distribution company tracking energy usage of commercial fleets and bulk fuel. GreenTraks cloud-based energy-efficiency management and reporting suite of subscription-based services includes Energy Tracking, Sustainability Marketing and Advanced Reporting which can be used to track any type of energy source including electricity, natural gas, water, waste or other customer specific commodities. Through a trusted network of strategic partners, industry vendors and suppliers, GreenTraks guides organizations toward saving money, and growing their business through positive behavior change, promotion of sustainability accomplishments and a commitment toward environmental stewardship. Visit for more information.


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